2014 Federal Budget

The lead-up to the Federal Budget was dominated by talk of cutbacks, with the National Commission of Audit helping to build the case for introducing measures to bring long-term spending growth under control. Now the waiting is over, what does it all mean for your hip pocket? When it comes to … [Read more...]

Back to School planning tips

As children head back to school after the summer holidays many parents across Australia can breathe a sigh of relief.  However it’s not always as simple as shuffling them out the front door and waving goodbye. Parents might feel like they are just recovering from the cost of Christmas, so the … [Read more...]

End of Year Super Clean Up

We all know the festive season is a time for giving and a time for sharing, but could it also be the time of tidying? As the year draws to a close, we seem to be doing everything from tidying our work desks before heading off for a relaxing break, to tidying up after the seemingly endless string of … [Read more...]

Twelve budget tips for the twelve days of Christmas

There’s nothing better than seeing our loved one’s faces light up on Christmas morning when they open their presents. And while giving gifts is a great way to show we care, it’s very easy to spend like crazy.    In the lead up to Christmas, many peoples’ budgets and savings can be ruined by … [Read more...]

United we MO

http://youtu.be/EVxTWCwygFo   It’s time get your Mo on for the great cause that is MOVEMBER! I’m taking part again – my 7th year in a row – and I want to raise whatever I can towards this event.  If you’re not familiar with Movember I urge you to take a look at their website … [Read more...]

The cost of raising children is…well, costly!

 Teach your kids the value of sound finances, because according to the latest AMP.NATSEM report, raising them is becoming more expensive. In spring many children look forward to the end of a long year at school or university. And while formal studies may soon start winding down, it’s a great time … [Read more...]