Superannuation Advice

Let us help get your superannuation sorted

Superannuation is a tax-effective means of saving for retirement by investing money during your working life.

Contributions to your super are made regularly by your employer and topped-up where possible with voluntary personal contributions.

The contributions received by your super fund are then invested in a variety of different sectors such as property, cash, fixed interest, Australian equities, international equities and so on, depending on your choice.

Whilst of lot of Australians don’t think too much about their Superannuation account until nearer to retirement age, it can really pay off if you give it some attention right now.  It can:

  • assist you with long term savings
  • help provide you with a financially comfortable and secure retirement
  • give you access to favourable tax treatment of super contributions and benefits, and
  • give you access to insurance offered by your super provider and the associated tax savings and benefits.

There are a number of different strategies and benefits for consideration too, such as:

  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Government Co-Contribution
  • Spouse Super Contribution
  • Low Income Earner Tax-Offset
  • First Home Super Saver Scheme

Super is about helping you achieve the type of lifestyle you want in retirement; and the sooner you pay attention to it the better off you will be later on.

We can work with you to review your current structure and develop tailored recommendations to get your money working for you.